About us

In the summer of 2021, we launched the Team LIEBE network. On the one hand, this network should make visible all the gifts, talents and abilities of called people, as well as their projects, ideas, companies and services. On the other hand, it should support people who are looking for someone who can help them practically and sustainably with their respective challenges. In this way, a lively network of lovers and a healthy give and take is created. 

LOVING Jesus – LOVING humans – LOVING life

We are people who have set out to seek, explore and realise in our lives the unconditionally great love of our Creator, Father, Brother and Friend – our God – Jesus Christ. We start initiatives, found and run projects, undertakings, schools, places of healing and encounter. We unite, provide and accompany people materially and spiritually, etc….

Loving life – living love

We are children of God on the way to spiritual maturity. We seek the kingdom of God within us. We know that we are and remain learners on this path. We consciously allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit. We place our gifts and talents at the service of our fellow human beings and of creation. And we pass on God’s love with all the wisdom that God has placed in our hearts.