loving Humans


Above all, have a deep and heartfelt love for one another, for "LOVE", 'Scripture tells us, `covereth many sins" - 1 Peter 4:8.

The commandment of love – according to Luke 10

A teacher of the law wanted to put Jesus to the test. “Master,” he asked, “what must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus replied, “What does the law say? What do you read there? “He answered, “‘You shall LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your devotion, with all your strength, and with all your mind!’ And, ‘You shall love your fellow man as yourself!'” – “You have answered correctly,” Jesus said. “Do this and you will live.”

The teacher of the law wanted to defend himself; therefore he asked, “And who is my fellow man?”

Jesus then told the following story: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. On the way he was attacked by highwaymen. They plundered him to the shirt, beat him up and left him half dead; then they made off. By chance, a priest came down the same path. He saw the man lying there, gave him a wide berth and went on his way. 3The same thing happened to a Levite who was passing by and saw the man lying there; he too gave him a wide berth and went on his way. 

Brothers and sisters, you are called to freedom! But do not use your freedom as an excuse to satisfy the desires of your selfish nature, but serve one another in LOVE. - Galatians 5:13

Love one another as I have loved you; this is my commandment. - John 15:12

Finally, a traveller from Samaria passed by there. When he saw the man, he had compassion on him. He went to him, poured oil and wine on his wounds and bandaged them. Then he put him on his own mount, took him to an inn and provided him with everything he needed. The next morning he took two denarii from his pouch and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Take care of him,’ he said. ‘And if the money is not enough, I will pay you the rest when I pass by here on my way back.'”

“What do you mean?” asked Jesus of the teacher of the law. “Which of the three acted as a fellow human being to the one who fell into the hands of the highwaymen?” He answered, “The one who had mercy on him and helped him.” 

Then Jesus said to him, “Then go and do likewise!”