Semjon & Sascha

Semjon & Sascha

Semjon Alexander & Sascha Elisa

We are “Team LIEBE”

serving our Lord Jesus Christ for His living Union vereinter Christen. 

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love; it is the bond that joins you together in complete unity.” – Colossians 3:14

About us

Short description

We work full-time as Team LIEBE in following Jesus Christ. In the summer of 2019, during a pilgrimage together, we received a commission from Jesus to create a platform for unification, care and the spiritual development of Christianity. We made this mission our life’s work, as we clearly recognised that this is our vocation. Since then, guided by the Holy Spirit, we have enlivened and inspired the Union vereinter Christen and actively and lovingly placed ourselves at the service of our fellow human beings. 

For this reason, we launched the Team LIEBE network in the summer of 2021. On the one hand, this network is to make visible all the gifts, talents and abilities of called people, as well as their projects, ideas, enterprises and services. On the other hand, it should support people who are looking for someone who can help them practically and sustainably with their respective challenges. In this way, a lively network of lovers and a healthy give and take is created. 


Knolled 1
5162 Obertrum am See

Our current projects and fields of activity

The Union vereinter Christen at a glance:

In spring 2020, we launched the initiative Union vereinter Christen for successful learning, working, living and being for and with each other as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Then, in autumn 2020, we founded the Anagogic Academy for the research, development, transmission and practical application of holistic and Christian-anagogical life contents. 

Then, in early 2021, we launched the LAIB CHRISTI social business project to unite and provide ALL people with the Bread of Life. 

In the summer of 2021, we created Team LIEBE as a network and platform for people who are living followers of Jesus Christ. 

At the moment we are working, among other things, on the establishment of the Foundation Union vereinter Christen, a sustainable platform for living give and take, for the unification of Christianity, the creation of living spaces and the care of creation. 

Further projects:

Devotion Tour

We bring our devotions to your homes. Together with you we want to sing and pray for our neighbours and for the glory of God. From heartfelt praise to intimate prayer circles, from exciting Bible studies to liberating spiritual counselling, we look forward to a fulfilling time with you. 


Since the beginning of 2021, we have been working with our friends and siblings Robert & Katharina to transform the Knollederhof – an agricultural estate in the Flachgau region of Salzburg near Obertrum am See – into a place of healing. Knolled is to become Knoll-EDEN. 

We cordially invite you all to build up this place spiritually together with us during our devotional times. You are also welcome to participate practically or financially in this beneficial work. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Further projects:

The Alovéa HOPE Movement is the first social business platform that enables all people worldwide to benefit health-wise and financially from the most effective natural health technologies of our time. 

Through our work with Alovéa, we advise and accompany people on their path to a healthy, vital and financially fulfilled life, while providing care for malnourished, sick and health underserved children worldwide.

You can find more infos in the following folder
Since March 2021, the two of us have already been able to serve over

Warmth project

We make God’s warmth and security tangible for people. For this reason, we call on people to donate wool that they no longer need. We knit socks, jumpers, hats and other items of clothing from the wool, which we then give to people who are homeless and freezing in the cold season. We are also happy to come to your home to process the wool together with you. 

Building our wedding chapel

The time has come. We – Semjon & Sascha – are getting married! In the summer of 2022 we will celebrate a festival of LOVE together with you. However, before that happens, we still have to prepare one “little thing” – the location. Our dream is to build a chapel in wood block construction together with all those who want to, in which we will marry afterwards. For this reason, we cordially invite you all to actively participate in our project and/or to support us in financing the chapel with a wedding gift in the form of a donation. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


We are passionate about composing and singing praise songs to the glory of the Lord. And we record these songs and make them freely available to our fellow human beings, including lyrics and sheet music. We also accompany people in writing songs for the Lord themselves, recording them and/or learning to play instruments. 

Below you will find an excerpt from our so-called vocation portfolio. 

Vocation Portfolio of Semjon Alexander & Sascha Elisa

Vocation profile Semjon Alexander

Meaning of the name

Spiritual name: Semjon
Who hears God/who heard from God.

Message from God: “Through the ‘S’ in Semjon connect heaven and earth and reveal your way there”.

Secular name: Alexander
The protector/preserver

Last name: Kaindl
The wise guide

Vocation Profile Sascha Elisa

Meaning of the name

Spiritual name: Sascha
the protector/preserver

Message from God: “Helper of mankind

Secular name: Elisha
who worships God/ who is dedicated to God/ my God is fullness

Last name: Honey

Semjon & Sascha: Common vocation

Message from God: “The two initial letters “S” in your names Semjon and Sascha together make an 8. This EIGHT stands for harmony between ATTENTIVENESS and POWER and thereby unites and completes the masculine and feminine principles of life. This is your common task.

Vocational title


Professional title


Vocational title


Professional title




„Strahl des Dienens“



„Ausdruck göttlicher Schönheit und Kraft“

Aktueller Hauptarchetyp der Liebe Jesu Christi


„Der wahre Freund“

Aktueller Hauptarchetyp der Liebe Jesu Christi


„Die Ruhende“

Aktuelle Chakrenhauptqualität


„Christus in meinem Wort“

Aktuelle Chakrenhauptqualität


„Christus in meiner Liebe“

Secular educations

  • Business education (HAK)
  • Agricultural education (LFS, as evening school)
  • Certified day father
  • Pedagogical educations:

Secular education

  • German secondary school leaving certificate (MSA)

Life experience

  • Six years of life experience in holistic education, work and community
  • Four years of professional experience as teacher and learning guide in alternative schools
  • Two years of active life advisor in the own living environment
  • Two years of professional experience in the business sector
  • Building with renewable resources
  • 20 years various sports, 5 years of which were competitive sports (football)

Life experience

  • 10 years handling and training of horses (relationship-oriented horse work)
  • One year of European Voluntary Service in the fields of alternative education, work and community
  • Five years of professional experience as a learning guide and teacher in alternative schools
  • Six years of life experience in holistic education, work and community


  • to work on me
  • to bear responsibility
  • to preserve and manage
  • to organise
  • in building, inspiring and enlivening living and common learning, working and living spaces
  • on practical work
  • to be creative
  • to go ahead, to have visions and to inspire others with my enthusiasm
  • to plan and work
  • in the practical implementation of projects and ideas
  • on the tyre in man-beeing
  • to master challenges

Joy in …

  • Training of conscience
    (Recognize, live and pass on the will of Jesus)
  • common prayer, singing, composing, making music
  • Practice and live humility
  • Caring for people, accompanying them, hosting them
  • cleaning, polishing, arranging, sorting, maintaining, caring, repairing…
  • Food Processing
    (from the harvest to the finished product)
  • Animal care and handling
  • painting, drawing, designing
  • knit, crochet, darning, spinning, weaving, sewing
  • create beautiful places, rooms, corners, decorate
  • Building with natural materials
  • explore life


  • to serve God, other people and creation
  • accompanying, supporting and/or teaching people
  • to be there for other people and to stand up for them
  • to pray and bless
  • to sing, make music and compose (worship)
  • Maintain relationships
  • Create a relationship
  • To become a father


  • to proclaim and speak the words of Jesus
  • to establish and enliven places of the community of God
  • to show people the way to God
  • Expressing God’s glory artistically (painting, making music, sewing…)
  • Being a woman
  • To become a mother
  • To nourish and bear at all levels


To live and pass on the LOVE of Jesus


Receive the LOVE of Jesus and let it work

Team LIEBE – Semjon & Sascha – is ready for action!

We are here for you…